Driving Without Insurance in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Driving Without Insurance in Ontario: What You Need to Know

What happens to people driving without insurance in Ontario? The answer to this question depends on how often you’ve been cited for failing to insure your vehicle. The consequences of driving without insurance can deeply impact your life, from depriving you of a driver’s license to having your car impounded.

This guide reviews Ontario automobile laws and lets you know why driving without minimum mandatory liability coverage is never a good idea.

Auto Insurance in Ontario: The Laws

What happens if you don’t have car insurance in Ontario? The legal consequences can be life-altering, even if you choose to have someone else drive your vehicle in your place. The Ontario Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act requires anyone who owns a car to purchase liability insurance before operating it. This includes if they allow other people to drive their vehicles.

However, it’s important to note that driving without insurance is not a criminal offence. You won’t be arrested or serve jail time for it. While you won’t be arrested for driving without coverage, it will go on your insurance record, and you may face steep penalties or have your vehicle impounded by the police officer pulling you over.

What is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Ontario?

Driving without insurance can result in any combination of the following:


Monetary fines for driving without insurance increase with each offence. The first offence can cost up to $25,000 in penalties, while subsequent convictions come with steeper fines. These numbers alone should discourage people from driving without insurance.


If you’re caught operating a vehicle without insurance, your license may be suspended for up to a year. Having a license suspension can be a massive inconvenience for people who depend on a vehicle to get to and from work.


Another potential consequence is your vehicle may be impounded. Police officers may choose to write you a ticket and allow you to prove you had insurance in court, but they’re also allowed to take possession of your vehicle, especially if you have a record of driving without insurance in the past. You may lose your car for up to three months and then be required to pay impound fees and any penalties the court imposes on you.

Why Car Insurance is Important in Ontario

Driving without insurance in Ontario comes with many financial risks. If you get into an accident, you need to pay not only to have your vehicle repaired but also for the other person’s repairs and medical bills if you’re found liable. Car insurance helps in the following ways:

  • It allows you to afford to pay for someone else’s medical bills and property damage.
  • It protects your assets if you get sued for an accident that was your fault.
  • It helps you get back on the road quickly if you also have comprehensive coverage for your own vehicle.
  • It keeps you in compliance with the law so you don’t face costly penalties, fines or license suspensions.

Get Auto Insurance for Peace of Mind

Make sure you’re covered on the road in Ontario. Before you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, purchase the insurance you need. Contact us at Tanner Insurance today so we can help you find the best rate for the exact amount of coverage you need and keep you legal on Ontario’s roads.


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