Easy To Get Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

With an increase in auto theft in Ontario, there’s a need for effective anti-theft devices to protect vehicles. There’s effective anti-theft tracking devices that can be installed in your car like the TAG system. There’s also additional anti-theft devices you can use to deter thieves.

By integrating these technologies, vehicle owners in Ontario can significantly reduce the risk of auto theft and enhance overall security.


Anti-theft devices

Steering wheel brake lock:

This hooks on to your wheel and the brake pedal to make the car inoperable.

Steering wheel lock:

Makes it so you can turn the car steering wheel effectively, making it inoperable and acting as a visual deterrent.

Device that block radio frequency:

A little pouch you put your car keys/fob in that blocks electromagnetic waves. This helps stop someone from duplicating your car keys frequency, a process called Relay and reprogramming. Which thieves have been using more and more to steal cars.

There’s also a box you can put your keys in that blocks out frequencies of thieves relay and reprograming devices that duplicate your key and get them access to your car.

Wheel lock clamps

These clamp to your wheel and visually and physically deter thieves because they may think the vehicle has a lot of unpaid parking tickets, it stops the vehicle from driving by acting like a tire “boot”.

Consider recovery systems

Consider recovery systems which can help you get your car back in the event it’s stolen. For example, TAG systems is a Canadian based company that specializes in recovering your vehicle after its been stolen.

Where to buy anti-theft devices

Most of these can be found online and in store that sell car devices (like Canadian Tire), before purchasing check reviews and ensure you are buying from a reliable and reputable brand.



  • If you have a garage, park your car in it
  • Always lock your car
  • Consider using multiple anti-theft devices
  • Protect your key fob from being duplicated by using anti-theft devices that blocks radio signals
  • Avoid using an Airtag, they are easily found and will notify the thief that an air tag is following them.
  • Don’t leave your keys near the front door or a window
  • Don’t leave your car running
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Make sure you have enough coverage in the event your vehicles is stolen.


With car theft on the rise it’s crucial you protect your vehicle as best as possible. Try to implement as many anti-theft mechanisms as possible and contact your broker to check your coverage is adequate for your vehicle.



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