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United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9597 of Eastern Ontario, in conjunction with Tanner Insurance have worked together to offer affordable Home and Auto insurance coverage* for their members. Members can qualify for up to 60% in Discounts.


USW Automobile Insurance Coverage

Our accident forgiveness program provides true peace of mind. The first at-fault accident with The Dominion is completely forgiven for experienced, claim free drivers. This coverage is automatically added at no additional cost for USW members;

  • There is no change in rating for accidents where policyholders pay for their own damage following an at-fault accident.

  • The full purchase price of a new vehicle is extended at no extra charge for 30 months from the date of purchase, in the event of a total loss.

  • We provide coverage for all types of vehicles. Rates are available for all terrain vehicles, snow vehicles, motor homes and motorcycles.

  • We offer a wide range of endorsement “extras” including coverage packages, read-in protection options and higher limit options.

  • Up to $10 million in liability coverage is available to meet the needs of policyholders looking for higher limits ($5 million liability plus a $5 million umbrella).

United Steel Workers Ontario Home Insurance Coverage

  • Special coverage’s and limits only available to groups including 90 days coverage for property in storage when someone moves, $10,000 jewellery coverage and $15,000 for parents in a seniors care residence.

  • Claims forgiveness automatically applies at no charge to our property products for loyal policyholders. There is no change in the claims-free discount following the first claim.

  • Identity theft expense coverage is automatically included up to $25,000 to provide peace of mind for any data security concerns.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for the dwelling is included at no extra charge.

  • $25,000 by-law coverage is automatically included to cover the unforeseen extra construction expense sometimes required by neighbourhood by-laws.

  • No dollar limit or deductible applied to Mass Evacuation Coverage in event the policyholder has to vacate their dwelling due to an unexpected natural disaster or municipal order.

  • Coverage for personal property and liability protection is automatically extended to students temporarily living away from home so they do not need to purchase their own policy coverage.

  • Unlimited fine arts coverage included with no per item limit.

  • To provide protection for small part-time businesses, we offer $5,000 on-premises business property coverage.

  • Canadian Crest Homeowners product available for high value homes valued. This product includes a cash settlement option with no obligation to repair or replace, a disappearing deductible, no charge sewer back up coverage, $30,000 jewellery coverage ($10,000/item) and $2 million liability.

  • Best in class Condominium limits are automatically included. The Canadian Condominium product includes 250% of the contents limit for Loss Assessment and Contingent Coverage and 100% for Improvements and Betterments. The limits for Loss Assessment and Contingent coverage increase to 300% if coverage is $70,000 or higher. For all Condominium packages, we will pay up to the full Loss Assessment limit for Condominium Corporation deductible assessments.
  • Watercraft coverage for $5,000 is automatically included; small recreational boats, canoes and kayaks are insured without any special additional coverage’s.

*Under written though The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company.

Free Second Medical Opinion Coverage With Group Property Policies  Exclusive To Our Group Members!

A coverage enhancement that Economical Select provides free of charge for the member, spouse and dependent children on property policies is Second Medical Opinion Coverage. Making the right medical decision can be overwhelming when confronted with a serious or complicated illness. In today’s highly specialized practice of medicine, it is increasingly challenging for any one physician to be aware of all the latest information related to correct diagnosis and treatment of all illnesses. Economical Select has partnered with WorldCare to offer this Second Medical Opinion Coverage. A pioneer and leader in global e-Health services and solutions since 1994, WorldCare provides access to expert, independent medical guidance through The WorldCare Consortium, a global network of more than 17,000 physicians, specialists and sub-specialists from world-class academic centers. The service features a mulch-disciplinary consultation process, timely service and privacy, with no traveling or additional doctor’s visits.


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