TUC2In today ‘s competitive IT and web development  professional environment, there is always pressure to retain top talent this package is an added value to TUC Managed IT Solutions Ltd remaining an employer of choice.  Group Home and Auto Insurance program has a proven track record of saving  money  while giving them the most comprehensive coverage .

 Simple to implement, Tanner and Economical provide the marketing material on-site information sessions and added value promotions  all at no cost to the employer. 

TUC Managed IT Solutions Ltd  has their very own exclusive  group code to obtain the group rates and competitive prices as promised Simply mention: 7704

 Program Benefits

  • Enhancement of existing employee benefits
  • No administration fees to employer
  • Service provided by a licensed insurance broker
  • Marketing material /lunch and learns and on site assistance provided


Employee (spouse and dependent) Benefits

  • Convenient  payment plans /No fee  payment plans
  • Advantage of professional discount

Free Second Medical Opinion Coverage With Group Property Policies  Exclusive To Our Group Members!

A coverage enhancement that Economical Select provides free of charge for the member, spouse and dependent children on property policies is Second Medical Opinion Coverage. Making the right medical decision can be overwhelming when confronted with a serious or complicated illness. In today’s highly specialized practice of medicine, it is increasingly challenging for any one physician to be aware of all the latest information related to correct diagnosis and treatment of all illnesses. Economical Select has partnered with WorldCare to offer this Second Medical Opinion Coverage. A pioneer and leader in global e-Health services and solutions since 1994, WorldCare provides access to expert, independent medical guidance through The WorldCare Consortium, a global network of more than 17,000 physicians, specialists and sub-specialists from world-class academic centers. The service features a mulch-disciplinary consultation process, timely service and privacy, with no traveling or additional doctor’s visits.